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The Best Buying and Selling escrow social media Payment Gateway. Paygital ensures safety of goods and services between the buyer and seller features. ----Buy Smart, Sell Secured

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Paygital, Buy Smart, Sell Secured. You're in the right place!

Paygital, Buy SMart sell secured


Below is a clear cut road map of how our system works to serve you better. Note merchants should make sure they send the agreed quality of product because if the product is fake the buyer would be refunded his money upon disapproval.

Buyer and Seller Agree

Buyer and seller Agrees on Product prize on social media platform(instagram , twitter, Facebook, whatsapp) where goods or services were displayed..

Payment Link

Merchant/Seller Generates Paygital Payment Link and sends to buyers email


Buyer pays with the Received Payment Link to Paygital Escrow

Send Product

Seller sends product immediately after payment notification on dashboard.

Product Approval

Buyer receive and Approves product.

Fund Release

Paygital gets notification of product approval from buyers dashboard and release funds to Merchant/Seller.

What Our Customer Says

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Due to high rate of sales of fraudulent pages on social media i decided to avoid online transaction but with Paygital i am able to enjoy Social Media Marketing Once again.

Mosflor Moses Emabamidje
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With Paygital i am able to sell my products to customers far from me. Really an expanding experience .

Mary Umani
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Never Thought an escrow could be as fast as this, immediately i completed my transaction i saw my cash in my account .

Blessing Jeremiah

Frequently Asked Questions


Paygital customer team doesn't release funds to the merchant until the goods is received by Buyer?
Paygital makes sure your funds is safe so you can easily send goods or any service, As well as pay you immediately your customer Recieves Product.
Paygital team carefully studies the nature of the compliants, then measure the damage done to the goods before giving cash back.
Our team offers instant funding immediately both parties have completed there part of the deal.
Our team will refund the money back to the customer.
Paygital charges only a token of 1% of the transaction
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